Folk Traditions: Sentimental Tradition



Among the people of Poggioreale there is an ancient belief in the moving, traditional practice of having the spontaneous and festive presence of children in great numbers gathered at a funeral.

This is for good luck in so far as the presence of the innocent and happy youth recalls the invisible presence of the Angels, having come to witness that the soul of the dead, to whom the mourners do honor, has already been welcomed into Paradise.

Isn’t it auspicious, and isn’t it truly comforting to the survivors for whom the dead seem so beautiful and pious?

[This webpage is excerpted from the book: “The History of Poggioreale, Sicily – From 1640 to 1956.” Originally written in Italian by: Canonico Dottore Francesco Aloisio in 1956. Adapted and translated by: Dr. Jeremiah P. Spence, Ph.D. of Austin, Texas. 5th Edition. International Order of Genealogists Publishing. Ireland. 2019. ISBN: 9781072403371. The book can be purchased online at: ]