Appendix 7: Author Signatures

Inscription by Father Aloisio in a book he gave to the Catholic University in Washington, DC.

The inscription says, “To the Respectable American Catholic University of Washington City, U.S.A. – From Canon F. Aloisio, Poggioreale, Sicily – 6 May 1957”

[This webpage is excerpted from the book: “The History of Poggioreale, Sicily – From 1640 to 1956.” Originally written in Italian by: Canonico Dottore Francesco Aloisio in 1956. Adapted and translated by: Dr. Jeremiah P. Spence, Ph.D. of Austin, Texas. 5th Edition. International Order of Genealogists Publishing. Ireland. 2019. ISBN: 9781072403371. The book can be purchased online at: ]