Appendix 3. Strasbourg Petition

The Community of Poggioreale is in complete conformance with the laws of Hygiene, Public Health, Municipal Police, Municipal Buildings, etc…

The community’s personnel include: Communal Secretary, Accountant, 2 Bookkeepers, Communal Guard, Cemetery Supervisor and Butcher Supervisor, two sextons/garbage collectors, one janitor. Sanitary Official, Municipal Veterinarian, Municipal Midwife.

The population in 1955 counted 3,439 inhabitants: 830 families, 78 births, 28 deaths, 28 marriages. Registered voters numbered 1,879 (832 men, 1,047 women) The balance sheet in 1955 equaled 26,314,628 Lire.

As proof of the peaceful sentiments of Poggioreale, in resolution number 26 of June 12, 1950, the town voted:

“The community, accepting the Petition of the European Parliament of Strasbourg, in conjunction with the Pact of the Federal European Union, formed to constitute a supranational Political Authority, democratically elected, furnished with the necessary powers to:

Guarantee the equal rights of its peoples and the fundamental liberty of its citizens.

To progressively carry out economic unification

To conduct a unified foreign policy

To organize for the common defense

[This webpage is excerpted from the book: “The History of Poggioreale, Sicily – From 1640 to 1956.” Originally written in Italian by: Canonico Dottore Francesco Aloisio in 1956. Adapted and translated by: Dr. Jeremiah P. Spence, Ph.D. of Austin, Texas. 5th Edition. International Order of Genealogists Publishing. Ireland. 2019. ISBN: 9781072403371. The book can be purchased online at: ]