Scardino Genealogies from Poggioreale, Sicily


Scardino Families from Poggioreale, Sicily, Italy: From Sicily to America and Australia from 1500 to 2018 (I.O.O.G. Belice Valley Series) 1st Edition

The is book on the family histories of the Scardino families that came from the Sicilian village of Poggioreale to the United States. The book is for sale on Amazon at:
There are ten distinct Scardino family groups that are covered in the book:
  1. Scardino Family 1 (Calatafimi to Poggioreale): Felippo Scardino
  2. Scardino Family 2 (Giuliana to Poggioreale): Calogero Scardino
  3. Scardino Family 3 (Poggioreale): Vito Scardino
  4. Scardino Family 4 (Giuliana to Poggioreale): Calogero Scardino
  5. Scardino Family 5 (Gibellina to Poggioreale): Giovanni Scardino
  6. Scardino Family 6 (Poggioreale): Vito Scardino
  7. Scardino Family 7 (Poggioreale): Girolamo Scardino
  8. Scardino Family 8 (Salaparuta): Leonardo Scardino
  9. Scardino Family 9 (Poggioreale): Gaetano Scardino
  10. Scardino Family 10 (Poggioreale): Nunzio Nunzie Scardino