Roppolo Genealogies from Poggioreale, Sicily

Roppolo Genealogies from Poggioreale, Sicily: Poggioreale Families in America Book Series, Volume 11

The is book on the family histories of the Roppolo families that came from the Sicilian village of Poggioreale to the United States.  The book is for sale on Amazon at:
There are six distinct Roppolo family groups that are covered in the book:
  1. Roppolo Family 1 (from Poggioreale): Giuseppe Roppolo
  2. Roppolo Family 2 (from Gibelina): Pietro Roppolo
  3. Roppolo Family 3 (from Salaputa): Epifano Roppolo
  4. Roppolo Family 4 (from Poggioreale): Erasmo Roppolo
  5. Roppolo Family 5 (from Gibellina): Vito Roppolo
  6. Roppolo Family 6 (from Palermo): Antonio Anthony Tony Roppolo